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My darling little daughter somehow messed up the dishwasher - pressing all the wrong buttons at all the right times and it went into a fault state - flashing "clean" light. The manual only says to call service. Well, a service call is not cheap, they only come out this way once a week and that means having to do dishes by hand for at least two weeks - forget that! Not to mention that the last time they came out a couple of years ago for this same problem, all they did was push a couple of buttons. Now, which buttons were those, again?! I tried calling Sears Service to find out, but after a half our on hold and a dropped call gave up and turned tothe web.

Thankfully, I was able to find the answer pretty quick on one of the many help forums. For my Kenmore dishwasher, which was actually made by Whirlpool and at least for all the following model numbers: 665.16022400, 665.16023400, 665.16024400, 665.16029400, 665.17022400, 665.17023400, 665.17024400, 665.17029400, 665.16032400, 665.16033400, 665.16034400, 665.16039400 and 665.17032400, 665.17033400, 665.17034400 and 665.17039400 the reset sequence is to simply press "normal wash" followed by "heated dry" four times. You will know that you succeded in performing the reset once all the panel lights turn on. Once the lights turn back off, the dishwasher will attempt to start a new wash in it's default mode - this is probably not what you want it to do, so press "cancel" once to stop it. Viola - that's it!

Some people have reported that Sears customer service's solution is to turn off the breaker diswasher sits on for several minutes. That may work for some models, but it does not for the above Whirlpool made dishwasher models.

It feels especially good to save money on stupid service calls during these tough economic times, doesn't it?!

Sears Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher

My "clean" light was blinking - - nothing worked. I saw your "fix" and it worked perfectly! Thank you!

Been living here a year and 4 months with a broken dish washer. The reset saved my dish pan hands. We are all thankful for this tip. :) Now I have to buy detergent.

My dishwasher required alternating the "NORMAL WASH" and "HEATED DRY" buttons five times and that did the trick. I wish I had looked this up two months ago!

Kenmore ultrawash dishwasher - the smartwash button doesnt work and it automatically goes to one hour wash turbo zone- is there a reset?

This sounds like a controller failure and not like a condition that is likely to be reset.

My Kenmore Elite dishwasher keeps flashing the locked light. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your posting. I'd taken apart the ENTIRE unit and tested the fuse to make sure everything was working... All it needed was the diagnostic - too bad this wasn't in the user manual. Thanks for saving me a service call!

I tried alternating the normal wash and heated dry buttons. It worked after 3 times! Thank you... I was stumped!

This trick just worked for my dishwasher and saved me hours of hand washing!! Thank you so much!!

the start light is flashing red and there is water sitting inside please help me!

along with flashing red start light there is water in the bottom of the d/w.

The clean signal is flashing .model:665.17033401

Thank you so much for this site! Could not believe it was this simple! I gad to press normal wash then heated dry four times in order and it reset! Thank you!


So, try doing the reset!

Worked fine the last time we used it. Now, nothing responds when I push any of the buttons. Have tried all the other reset codes mentioned here. It's about 3 years old. Have maybe used it 20 times. Breaker is fine. Disposal on same breaker works normally.

In the past when I had problems with the dishwasher it turned out to be the bi-metal fuse in the control panel had burned out. They are very simple to replace - - they even came with the instructions for replacing the fuse - about $21.

I have a smart wash Kenmore Elite. It's reset code is "Hi temp wash" then "Air dry" back and forth until all lights turn on (3 or 4 times)

High temp wash then heated dry back and forth until it resets for my model of kenmore ultra wash.

Hope this helps someone out there!

Thank you,thank you, thank you! Was tearing ko it apart when I saw this page, first combos didn't reset, but yours did. High temp/heated dry!

You rock!

Did the sequence and it looks to have reset, then try to start a wash and it goes back to flashing clean green light...I've reset twice and sane outcome. Any suggestions???!!!

Have you tried running hot water in the sink before you start the cycle. You are supposed to do that every time. If not, your problem is either a burnt out heating element or a bad temperature sensor.

Tried all the other combinations and alternating the Hi Temp and Heated Dry buttons worked for my model 665.17033401

This worked for my particular model. Thank you so much. It saved me time and money. I'm bookmarking this for future reference.

Canada model 665.13402 Kenmore Ultra Wash reset: hi temp wash and heated dry, back and forth, works like a charm.

Helped me reset my model and it is working fine now. Thanks for the tip!!

This worked for me. Thank you so much! High temp wash then heated dry back and forth. Kenmore Model # 665.17024400

This solution worked for me, and I'm so grateful I didn't have to call the repairman out. Thanks for sharing!

It worked! Thank you *so* much -- we're approaching Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend and I'm hosting 10, so not a good time for the dishwasher to stop working. This was brilliant, worked exactly as described!

Was this on a Kenmore ultra wash portable?

kenmore 665.1733300 'normal wash' keeps flashing but will not start

Thanks so much! This mom of 2 is feeling very proud that I was able to fix what the 1 year old tried to adult proof. My contractor husband was shocked at my new skill. Thanks again!

Excellent advice! Thank you!!!!

Dishwasher will not come on. Only the "LOCK ON" light will come on. Is model 665.1373

If you have sufficiently hot water supplying your dishwasher and the above reset procedure does not work, chances are your heating element is burnt out. Here is a short video tutorial demonstrating how to replace a burnt out heating element on a Kenmore Ultra Wash by Whirlpool (other dishwashers are very similar).

My Kenmore Ultra dishwasher had the green light flashing and I was unable to start the washer. I tried turning it off and on from the circuit breaker a couple of times but with no change. I then used the web and after a few stops at other sites found this one with the answer. I used the process of pushing normal wash then heated dry, I repeated that sequence 3 times then all the lights came on then off and the dishwasher is working. Yahoo!!! This is a great community site and I am very thankful, you have saved me a big repair bill which I cannot currently afford. Thank You Much.

Awesome - thank you.

You guys are GREAT!!!!! Worked just fine. Thanks for saving me a lot of grief!!

OMGoodness!!! A 4 second fix that actually worked! I can't even believe it~ I love you!! ...and THANKS!

Another one for you.... No lights on the panel - flashing or otherwise. Tried your original two restart suggestions to no avail. The only way I can get lights on is to press the three options normally - that will give me the three red lights until they reset to off, as is normal. But it dosn't solve anything. We've had some local power transients recently and I fear I'm in trouble. Any thoughts?

Hello, I have the same problem as this guy does I can get the option buttons to light up but not the other buttons,

"normal wash" followed by "heated dry" 4X worked like a charm! thanks!

I tried the reset sequence 1-normal start 4-heated-dry
It did not reset

The normal wash light is flashing and the unit will not do anything. I have tried leaving it unplugged for a period of time but that does nothing. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the reset advice. I did the 4 alternating presses and the flashing green light went off and all the red lights went on.
I pressed "start" and bingo!!!

Thanks for the reset advice. I did the 4 alternating presses and the flashing green light went off and all the red lights went on.
I pressed "start" and bingo!!!

Smart wash, heat dry are on the start light is flashing - no other lights will come on. Kenmore Ultrawash

I reset mine by pushing normal wash than heated dry again normal wash heated dry again normal wash heated dry all the lights came on then off and the dishwasher is working

This one worked for me too, the normal then 4 heat dry didn't.

Worked for model 66513893k800! Thank you!

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