July 2006

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As soon as I opened my back door, I just knew something was up. Casting a closer look, I identified two rather large hairy invaders disturbing my peace (of mind?). I was appalled. My attempt at creating a rabbit free zone was failing miserably. These two were busy pretending that they were hard at work, helping me mow the grass. I told them nicely, as I have many times in the past, that my lawnmower worked just fine, they were trespassing and had to leave right away. The smarter of the two, heeded my call and ran as fast as he could, his tail between his legs.

You all remember Elmer Fud? (But, of course, you do! Who doesn't love this adorable hunter from "Bugs Bunny?") Well, these days I often feel like Elmer. I'll tell you, do dogs and cats to chase them around after we moved in here last year, the rabbits stared multiplying like crazy! Did you know that one pair of cottontails can have 36 offsprings in just a single season?! And those offsprings mature quite quickly, and it's geometric proportion from there... The drought isn't helping much either, not much for them to eat "out there," I thought the dog fence would stop them, I thought a $5,000 6' cedar fence would stop them, I thought the rocks would stop them, I thought the rabbit guards would stop them, I thought garlic sprays on plants would stop them, I thought gladioluses and other plants poisonous to them would stop them, but no, nothing stops them and they keep digging, jumping and crawling their way in an attempt to eat anything and everything "in here!"

Got an email from a recruiter for Google yesterday. I am happy with my life here in Colorado - the pace is certainly slower the the Silicon Valley or LA and that's good. Yet, I miss all my friends in California and it would be nice to have a $150K / year job again with all the great benefits working with the smartest people on earth, instead working 24/7 in this strange business of mine, hardly making ends meet... So I updated my resume and agreed to talk to him today. It was a rather pleasent 40 minute conversation.

My parents are on their Alaska cruise. You would think that they would just relax and enjoy themselves and forget about us "kids" while they are gone. But no, I get a call from one of them each and every day. So in paraphrasing Inigo Montoya character from, Princess Bride, I would like to say: "My name is Jake. Whoever invented cell phones - prepare to die!"

Looks like market participants are one hell of a nervous bunch these days. They look to any news for market direction and then take it to the extreme. Yesterday NASDAQ was up 3%, today it is down 2%. Any guesses as to what will happen tomorrow?! Not from me... Looking at the madness out there, I know there are finally some good deals out there. Intel got dumped on the news of 57% drop in earnings and took all of the semis with it! What about the semiconductor equipment manufacturers, though?

This has been one of the LEAST productive weeks of my life and I am NOT proud of it! My biggest accomplishment this week was earning over 200 MySpace friends. You people, better be worth it!

Like everyone else I keep hearing more and more about MySpace. Registered a while back and still have not used it. What for?

You will absolutely not believe what happened to us today. Listen up all you webmasters and site owners. Don't ever use DirectNIC. Here is what they did to us when we requested a switch to another registrar for all of our very busy domain names: Baraban.Com , Baraban.Net , Baraban.Org and RussianTimes.com They simply changed their nameservers for our domains to point to their error page instead of our webpage right before they released the domain.

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