February 2007

I got up before the stock market opened today. You would think that my motivation for this was to torture myself by watching the gains of the week past evaporate on this fine Friday morning. No, of course not… First of all, I am not that masochistic and secondly my portfolio was actually holding up quite well as the general market was consolidating.

I got up early to play 1 vs. 100. No, not the new popular NBC game show with Bob Saget, but my own redneck version of the same. I was determined to reduce the mob, decimate it, annihilate it! The mob of rabbits, of course.

For those of you not familiar with the story, allow me to recap… For the past year and a half, I have been planting everything from tiny vegetables to the larger trees out here on the farm in Bennett. I have been planting them and the rabbits, well the rabbits have been eating them. After spending some time searching for a humane way to control the problem, 6 months ago I finally got a nice air rifle from Wal-Mart. This was effective in reducing that rabbit population, but not nearly as effective as the rabbits were in reducing plant life. So, a good friend helped me add an optical sight. Little did I know that this particular sight would only help when the darned targets (i.e. rabbits) were exactly 50 ft away, while guaranteeing failure at all other distances. And the rabbits (them silly creatures), for whatever reason, never wanted to be exactly 50 ft away.

I bought a bit of CHN while it was down a couple of days ago and just in time for Valentine's day I snatched up some LUV near the bottom today.

Southwest is an airline that I can pretty much count on to give me a couple of points of gain from this price level by summer time, because fuel costs will go up and they still have good hedges for the rest of this year. They will take market share and grow and show good numbers. They also pay a small dividend, which doesn’t hurt, they are universally owned and traded in very high volumes. And if I am wrong, there is smaller downside risk then with almost anyone else.




I am sitting here and counting in my mind all the people that I know, who have been persecuted by this country''s legal machine more severely because they were "Russian"

Alex Koltovskoy, who lost his shirt in the aftermath of 9/11, applied for government relief, received some and then was put to rot in jail apparently for making a mistake on that application.

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