April 2007

I don't know what you were up to this past weekend, but I spent most of mine outside gardening. Actually, gardening is a glorified name for what I was really doing – collecting and burning weeds for something like 12 hours straight. Apparently, that's what you have to do when your neighbor to the south is the state's most successful tumbleweed farmer, every wind gust generously delivers more of his tremendous crop and the state doesn't even consider this tumbleweed – a variety of Russian Thistle – a noxious weed.

It is not a secret that history is written by the victors. There are always two ways to tell a story and the ones that write more often than not, tend to exaggerate in their favor. In this case, I will let you decide for yourselves, for I have given up trying to convince everyone that “IT WAS NOT MY FAULT”.

Will the sub prime lending debacle cause the entire lending and housing bubble to burst and extend to the overall stock market?

What's all this controversy over Don Imus and his comment about "nappy headed hos?" Everybody seems to be so preoccupied with the topic. News channels can't seem to get enough of it, all the blogs are teeming with it, it's on UTube and CBS first suspended Imus for 2 weeks, and now fired him. No wonder on that last one – advertisers were fleeing the show anyway!

This year my new year resolutions included a more consistent approach for picking stocks. But how do you find good value stocks consistently?

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