June 2007

My friend from LA, Marina V just got into an official Paul McCartney video segment at his concert at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. She is the one in a black baseball cap and a Beatles t-shirt. Check it out...

Would you pluck out a feather from a bird to determine how it flies?!!

Whenever I see someone using statistics to prove their point, I always think of the famous quote “statistics don’t lie, people do!” In fact, some people have learned to use statistics for lying so well that their audience never catches on. Fortunately, an attempt by Jared Polis to misrepresent data in the newsletter titled “Lessons Learned: Reflections on Colorado’s Public Education System & Important Information About Your School District” is much more obvious.

Bernanke admitting inflation is significant.

The problem is that there is no place to hide from inflation and nothing Bernanke can do to stop it.

Eventually, he will be forced to face reality and raise interest rates, which will put the final nail in the coffin of the housing market. The price of other necessities will go up and there will be a very general and broad realignment of values.

How many times I told myself in tears,
Be strong and brave; do not go on your knees.
Hide from the people your worsen fears,
Like hollow on the tree is hiding bees.

Put on your face an easy, charming smile,
It will be your safety mask in play,
Where life is biggest unsuccessful trial,
Making us get unvolved in frantic fray.

Just put on hold all your inner worries,
Enjoy each day, which is not comming back.
Because our actions only foolish flurries,
In which you are another biggest slack.

Keep your head up to the sky with proud,
Do not let anybody see your pain,

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