December 2008

Today's story is not just about a really, really good value, it is about SuperValu - a company with a 135 year history in the food business. They are the wholesale supply chain for over 5,000 retail stores around the country in addition to servicing their own network of another 2,500 stores, many with pharmacies.

Disclosures: I am not an accountant, but I have dated one. I am not a tax preparer, but I am related to one. Information provided herein is not tax advice, but I hope you find it useful. I am not affiliated with Intuit, the maker of Turbo Tax software, I do not own Intuit stock and do not get paid to promote their software. I do, however, own shares of a tax preparer Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc (JTX), which has nothing to do with this article.

You get an additional 12% discount of your monthly T-Mobile bill.

Here is how it works:
Call T-Mobile at 877-453-8824 and mention that you are a member of Federation of American Consumers and Travelers. Give T-Mobile the FACT promo code: 10045TMOFAV, if they ask for it.

Historical 25 year chart: barrels of oil per ounce of gold

Historical 25 year chart: barrels of oil per ounce of gold

A large part of the summer of 1979, I spent living in a coastal Italian town of Ladispoli, about an hour's drive from the grand Rome. I was just entering my teenage years at the time, but somewhere in the back of my mind I already knew that sooner or later I would be burdened with all the responsibilities of an adult. That time came much sooner than I could have ever expect at the time, but that's another day's story...

Historical 25 year chart: barrels of oil per ounce of gold

Is there anyone out there who could explain how under normal efficient market conditions a very profitable company could trade at 60% of its tangible book value?

This just came across AP news wire... Is Cox delivering "a stunning rebuke to his own career staff, blaming them for a decade-long failure to investigate Madoff" a CYA strategy by the head of the SEC? I just wonder how many other schemers like Madoff there are out there that SEC didn't bother to lift their fat government warmed behind to investigate?! Read on...

Thursday December 18, 2:09 am ET
By Larry Neumiester, Associated Press Writer
Fallout over Madoff ripples through DC as money manager placed under electronic monitoring

Bernard Madoff mug shot

I have a favor to ask all of you folks out there in the civilized world, "please, raise your hands if you wear underwear!" Yes, you heard me right, and I really don't care what you call it: undergarments, lingerie, bikinis, knickers, fundoshis, bras, briefs, knickers, g-strings, unmentionables - they are all still underwear. Now, don't be shy - let's see that show of hands... Did I just see almost 6 3/4 billion hands go up?

Have you stopped to think why this site has a StockValues.Org domain name?

That's a great question and I would like to begin answering it by referring to the Free online dictionary definitions of "stock" and "values."

According to this dictionary "stock" can refer to all of the following:
1: regular, traditional, basic
2: the degree of status a person has
3: any part of a plant
4: domestic animals
5: goods, commodities, investments

According to the same dictionary "values" can be:

This blog entry is neither an endorsement nor an advertisement for Troy Guernsey or his company. I am only sharing my positive experience for the benefit of others.

Have you ever wondered why it is that people like to complain so much? What is that motivates folks to share their negative experiences, while they quickly forget all the positive ones? Is it human nature to concentrate on the negatives? Do frustrations affect us in a deeper more meaningful way than positive experiences? Are negative emotions always stronger than the positive?...

I am in a weird predicament here. I just found out that my insurance company is raising my car insurance rates based on the information they received from ChoicePoint Inc. (a LexisNexis company).

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