November 2009

Last Saturday I finally got my long awaited Extech EC400 ExStik Waterproof Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature Meter from Amazon. (I ordered it on November 11th with the free Super Saver shipping.) I needed it to test the Salinity of a soil sample. Well, it would not turn on. I measured the four CR2032 batteries that it came with - they were of three different brands and as Billy Crystal in his role of Miracle Max in The Princess Bride would say, "mostly dead."

Extech EC400 ExStik Waterproof Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature Meter
Garden fresh vegies in November?

This is totally cool. It is mid November, we are in Colorado's eastern plains and have now had more than a month of temperatures dipping into mid teens at night. Yet, we are still eating fresh vegetables from the garden outside. Yesterday I dug up some potatoes and today - broccoli, onions, parsley and carrots. It will be pretty At this rate we will make it with fresh veggies at least through Thanksgiving - that would be nothing short of amazing!

SEC Charges Promoters of "Green" Investments With Operating $30 Million Ponzi Scheme Based in Denver Area

Washington, D.C., Nov. 16, 2009 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged four individuals and two companies involved in perpetrating a $30 million Ponzi scheme in which they persuaded more than 300 investors nationwide to participate in purported environmentally-friendly investment opportunities.

Mantria Corporation and Speed of Wealth, LLC logos

Five years ago I identified this as the most likely scenario for the next decade and moved to the wheat country (Colorado Eastern Plains) shortly thereafter. Under every scenario I can imagine for the next decade (short of Socialism), productive wheat farm ground bought to currently yield at least 3% after expenses will be a good and defensive investment.

Wheat cent - a penny thought
Wheat cent - a penny thought

Wheat-cent - an old US penny.

Fall Colors of a Sand Cherry Bush

Only a week ago this Sand Cherry bush was full of colorful leaves. For the past two days it was completely buried in snow. What will Colorado weather do to it today?

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