January 2010

After only 9 months at his new dream house in Aurora, Colorado, which he took much pains, time and money to set up just right, my cousin Jacob is moving again. What could possibly motivate a single father with three kids to move again so fast? You would never guess.

Colorado dream house for sale: 6 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom, energy-efficient, pet-frendly
Frosted Woods' rose (Rosa woodsii)

I snapped this photograph of a Woods' rose (Rosa woodsii) in our front yard in Bennett, Colorado earlier this morning. At the time, it was covered in frost, but by 11 AM all the frost had melted and only the beautiful memories preserved by this photo remained.

Troy Wragg, Mantria Corporation CEOTroy Wragg, Mantria Corporation CEO
Wayde McKelvy, founder of Speed of Wealth LLC

Wayde McKelvy, founder of Speed of Wealth LLC

Sofae's 2nd birthday

Sofae turned two on MLK day and just like last year, we moved the big celebration to the following Sunday. We did have my sister, mom (wow, she actually came!) and dad over earlier in the week, but on Sunday the house was filled with 15 adults and 14 children (that's if you count Missy as a child).

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Mantria Corporation and Speed of Wealth, LLC logos

Mantria Corporation and Speed of Wealth, LLC logos

Most mortgages issued in the US are due on the first of each month, are amortized monthly and carry a grace period of 14 days. Payments on these mortgages could be received by the mortgagee all the way through the 15th of the month, yet they must be credited, as if they were received on the first - no late fees charged and no additional interest accrued.

Pay off mortgage early

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