March 2010

Giant Yellow Crocuses

Giant Yellow Crocuses

With all that snow on the ground yesterday morning, my thoughts temporarily shifted away from early Spring gardening. By tonight all of that snow had melted, but not before I snapped this picture of a giant yellow crocus peaking through it in my backyard.

With the snow out of the way and the ground workable, I rushed out to dig some holes in preparation for the bushes my brother-in-law hates, my sister likes and I don't mind. Weatherman willing, I'll be helping to dig them up, come Saturday.

Giant Yellow Crocuses
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Stock Values has been upgraded to run on the latest version of Drupal 6.16.

The latest Stock Values tweets from Twitter.Com are now displayed at the top of the front page.

The following options have also been added:

1. Sign into Stock Values with Facebook credentials.
2. Invite your Facebook friends to Stock Values.
3. See your Facebook friends' activity on Stock Values.
4. Like/unlike and comment on Facebook friends' posts.
5. Update your Facebook status right from Stock Values.
6. Share your Stock Values blog and forum posts on Facebook.

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HiVelocity has been hosting my company's Linux server for a couple of years now. The switch was forced by our previous hosting company's, CalPop, rapid decline. Changes in ownership were followed by never-ending power and service outages, degrading level of customer service, long wait times, power surcharges and then rate increases.

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The old saying goes, “what you put into something determines what you get out of it”. Since I am fond of quoting old sayings here is another, “anything worth doing is worth doing right and well”. So let’s take a couple of life enriching tasks and apply this practice to them.

1 - Learning how to do in depth Bible study
2 - Developing Godly character and personality traits in your life
3 - Discovering God's plan and set of good works for your life
4 – Determining 100% of the traits of the absolute best relationship / marriage partner

A feelgood story about Barbara Rona, a friend from our Temple in Los Angeles, who survived the Holocaust - online version is here.

Barbara Rona with Marilyn Russell
Barbara Rona with Marilyn Russell

Barbara Rona with Marilyn Russell

A month and a half has passed since my last blog entry. I have neglected you, my dear readers and I am truly sorry. To show my remorse, I will attempt to summarize some of the more noteworthy events, which have transpired since my last update. Fortunately (or not) more has happened than would be prudent to include in a single update, but I will do my best with it.

A dozen eggs

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