April 2010

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Exelon Corp logo

Exelon Corp logo

First and foremost in my thinking these days is relative market risk of any position in my portfolio. What I see as high valuations have prevented me from opening any new equity positions so far this year and for much of 2009. In fact, before Exelon, my sole purchase this year has been that of iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasuries Bond ETF (TLT) on February 11th, 2010 at $90.12 and I see it as insurance against a declining stock market and troubles in the Euro zone.

Exelon Corp logo
Playground swimming pool puddle

Playground swimming pool puddle. It was still half full three days after the rain had stopped.

I just spoke to the fine folks at State of Colorado DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies), Division of Securities and, apparently, they have not yet put the information about this latest alleged Ponzi scheme based in Colorado online. I could also not find online Friday's court order freezing the assets of Mueller and his companies, Mueller Capital Management, LLC. and Mueller Over Under Fund LP. So, here is the information as reported by Denver Post and 9News - at least somebody is on the ball informing consumers!


Alleged Colorado Ponzi schemer threatens suicide

Sean Mueller

JCPenney sent out large "Mother's Day" postcards for delivery between April 22nd and April 24th, 2010. These postcard include a coupon for $10 off purchases of $10 or more made between Sunday, April 25th and Monday, May 10th at the stores or on JCP.com. There are many exclusions listed on this coupon, but it can be used to purchase most sale (with some exceptions like "buy one get one") and clearance clothing.

Izod Saltwater Wash Basic Twill Shirt Navy

Just ordered this awesome little Agri-Fab manufactured lawnmower (Craftsman 6.75 Torque 190cc 21'' Briggs & Stratton Push Lawn Mower) to be picked up from Sears for $132.99 + Tax (using the AAA 5% discount and automatic online purchase discounts that show up once you add it to the cart). This price is only good for today. Regular price is $249.99.

Sears Craftsman 6.75 Torque 190cc 21'' Briggs &  Stratton Push Lawn Mower 007138903000.jpg

In an unprecedented turn of events the recent early April dry spell has been replaced by unusually wet conditions. Today was the third day in a row with considerable precipitation. It started on Wednesday with rain. Yesterday came hail. (Hey G-d, next time, please watch out for me - you almost got me on the head with some of them marble-sized pieces yesterday.) And this morning, there was even some snow - real pretty.

Playground swimming pool puddle
Abraham enjoys a piece of leftover Passover Matzah behind the goat gate

Abraham enjoys a piece of leftover Passover Matzah behind the goat gate, as Sarah and the chickens mind their own business in the background.

Clam AntiVirus logo

Clam AntiVirus logo

In the evening of April 16th, 2010 my emails stopped arriving. Was it a problem with my server, my forwarder, or the client? Having eliminated other possibilities, I knew that the culprit had to be my mail server.

Clam AntiVirus logo

A great idea paid me a visit last Thursday. Wouldn't it be nice to let my chickens visit with the goats, as they please, but prevent the goats from raiding the smaller chicken quarters, I thought?

Armed with a shovel and an old gate I started on my mission... Several hours later that old gate hang in place of a section of the fence high enough for chickens to go under it, but too low for the goats to get through, or so I thought.

Abraham enjoys a piece of leftover Passover Matzah behind the goat gate

More gardening is getting done, slowly but surely. Amazingly, I discovered that a single parsley survived the entire winter in a relatively well protected spot at the edge of the greenhouse adjacent garden. I can't wait to see what gardening miracles this year will bring.

I have now rototilled twice both the enlarged garden next to the Quonset and the smaller garden next to the greenhouse. Once was in late fall, after dumping some bird poop on them and now again in very early spring. Another tilling by mid May should make it good to go.

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