November 2010

Knowing your every move has long been on big Brother's agenda. One step in this direction was the development of RFID technology and its voluntary use for identifying pets. (RFID is a little chip that can be embedded under the skin.) The next step is to require RFIDs in all the animals that enter our food supply. This is the purpose of Senate bill S.510, strongly supported by the Obama administration. It is hiding under the guise of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, a piece of food chain protection legislation, but safety is not what this Senate bill is about.

Amal's RFID implant

A couple of weeks ago I got a promotional eFax email offer for a custom embroidered logo Jersey from Queensboro. I usually ignore such spam, but this time I just could not resist. I have never heard of Queensboro and I didn't really need a logo shirt, but the price was certainly right at $0.75 with everything included, even shipping. So, I decided to give it a try, uploaded my company's (Baraban.Com) logo, place the order and anxiously waited.

Baraban.Com custom embroidered logo Jersey

Both Texas Instruments (TXN) and du Pont (DD) appear to have reached their fair values recently. I sold both this morning. DD was sold at $48.35/share and TXN at $31.17/share. Even though it is at fair value, it is possible that TXN has further to run up from here; it is much less likely for DD. I purchased DD on March 8, 2006 at $40.31/share and have held it through thick and thin until now for a total return including dividends and excluding commissions of 35.8%.

Currently $US is plumbing the lows of the up-trending channel it has carved out for itself over the past 3 years. vs. a basket of currencies (the Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona and Swiss Franc) tracked by the Deutsche Bank Long US Dollar Futures Index. Cycles have been getting progressively shorter, so it looks like the next leg up should take three to six months, in which time the $US should appreciate as much as 20%.

A bag of US dollars

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