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A new and better model by researchers from Colorado State University, UC Irvine and Yale shows that soil microbes exhale less carbon dioxide as soil temperatures increase. Thus, there will be no positive feedback due to the evil global warming soil microbes, as the rogue Global Warming pseudo-scientists where happily assuming. I absolutely love this quote from Steven Allison of UCI: “Microbes aren’t the destructive agents of global warming that scientists had previously believed.” Read on...


Soil microbes produce less atmospheric carbon dioxide than expected with climate warming

Global Warming

Pilot Lt. Miroslav "Steve" Zilberman was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Moved with his parents to Columbus, OH, when he was in the sixth grade. Joined US Navy to pay for college.

Miroslav died on March 31, 2010 in the North Arabian Sea at the age of 31. His E-2C Hawkeye plane's engine failed as he was returning from a mission in Afghanistan. He saved his entire crew, but was not able to save himself. His call sign was Abrek, just like one of the first two Soviet space monkeys.

Jewish Russian American Lt. Miroslav "Steve" Zilberman

First and foremost in my thinking these days is relative market risk of any position in my portfolio. What I see as high valuations have prevented me from opening any new equity positions so far this year and for much of 2009. In fact, before Exelon, my sole purchase this year has been that of iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasuries Bond ETF (TLT) on February 11th, 2010 at $90.12 and I see it as insurance against a declining stock market and troubles in the Euro zone.

Exelon Corp logo

Just ordered this awesome little Agri-Fab manufactured lawnmower (Craftsman 6.75 Torque 190cc 21'' Briggs & Stratton Push Lawn Mower) to be picked up from Sears for $132.99 + Tax (using the AAA 5% discount and automatic online purchase discounts that show up once you add it to the cart). This price is only good for today. Regular price is $249.99.

Sears Craftsman 6.75 Torque 190cc 21'' Briggs &  Stratton Push Lawn Mower 007138903000.jpg

In an unprecedented turn of events the recent early April dry spell has been replaced by unusually wet conditions. Today was the third day in a row with considerable precipitation. It started on Wednesday with rain. Yesterday came hail. (Hey G-d, next time, please watch out for me - you almost got me on the head with some of them marble-sized pieces yesterday.) And this morning, there was even some snow - real pretty.

Playground swimming pool puddle

In the evening of April 16th, 2010 my emails stopped arriving. Was it a problem with my server, my forwarder, or the client? Having eliminated other possibilities, I knew that the culprit had to be my mail server.

Clam AntiVirus logo

A great idea paid me a visit last Thursday. Wouldn't it be nice to let my chickens visit with the goats, as they please, but prevent the goats from raiding the smaller chicken quarters, I thought?

Armed with a shovel and an old gate I started on my mission... Several hours later that old gate hang in place of a section of the fence high enough for chickens to go under it, but too low for the goats to get through, or so I thought.

Abraham enjoys a piece of leftover Passover Matzah behind the goat gate

More gardening is getting done, slowly but surely. Amazingly, I discovered that a single parsley survived the entire winter in a relatively well protected spot at the edge of the greenhouse adjacent garden. I can't wait to see what gardening miracles this year will bring.

I have now rototilled twice both the enlarged garden next to the Quonset and the smaller garden next to the greenhouse. Once was in late fall, after dumping some bird poop on them and now again in very early spring. Another tilling by mid May should make it good to go.

With all that snow on the ground yesterday morning, my thoughts temporarily shifted away from early Spring gardening. By tonight all of that snow had melted, but not before I snapped this picture of a giant yellow crocus peaking through it in my backyard.

With the snow out of the way and the ground workable, I rushed out to dig some holes in preparation for the bushes my brother-in-law hates, my sister likes and I don't mind. Weatherman willing, I'll be helping to dig them up, come Saturday.

Giant Yellow Crocuses

The old saying goes, “what you put into something determines what you get out of it”. Since I am fond of quoting old sayings here is another, “anything worth doing is worth doing right and well”. So let’s take a couple of life enriching tasks and apply this practice to them.

1 - Learning how to do in depth Bible study
2 - Developing Godly character and personality traits in your life
3 - Discovering God's plan and set of good works for your life
4 – Determining 100% of the traits of the absolute best relationship / marriage partner

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