My First Tractor - Craftsman DLT 3000 Lawn Tractor Model No. 917.273471

Just in time for our first snow today, I picked up my very first tractor today. It's about 5 years old - a Sears Craftsman DLT 3000 lawn tractor (Model No. 917.273471) with a 20HP Kohler twin V 20HP engine and a 42" cutting deck. It came with a bumper, tarp cover, an aerator and a cart. (No snow plow or snow blower, of course.) Cosmetically it looks perfect and the guy who owned it before me, appears to have taken great care of it mechanically, as well. I paid $560 and the fellow was nice enough to bring it up to my place from Parker. (Thanks craigslist!)

This should minimally take care of my grounds maintenance needs for now. I am no mechanic, so I hope it holds up well and will only require minimal routine maintenance.

I didn't know it could push snow? But do the salespeople really get trained on what these actually can do? Same Kohler engine and from the looks of it not used enough. Mows grass during the 4 summer months.

hanson, MA

Temperatures warmed up today enough to make for a very pleasant day and I spent much of it outside. For two or three hours I was on top of my DLT 3000 cutting down weeds. It went faster and smoother than I ever expected - nice machine! Some of the weeds I was taking down were up to my shoulder - those took a couple of passes, but it did it - I am very impressed so far.

Next week I am going to try to borrow a sprayer from the county to spray some Canada Thistle that I couldn't get to in the spring.

lucky you, yeah those Kohler twin motors been around>>>>>>>good luck

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