If you are running an older version of Drupal 6 with known security vulnerabilities, upgrading to the secure next minor version is usually much simpler than the upgrade instructions will lead you to believe.

If you are running a multisite install, in most cases all you have to do is the following (and it's even simpler for single site installs):

1. login as the 1st user and put the site into offline mode.
2. cd to your drupal installation home directory.
3. download the new version tarball.
4. backup the old web directory by renaming it.
5. untar the the tarball.
6. give the newly created directory the web directory name.
7. delete or backup the default sites subdirectory by renaming it.
8. copy the old sites and files subdirectories to the new installation.
9. run the update script
10. return the site to the on-line mode.

Here is an example of all the shell commands I ran yesterday from the http://stockvalues.org home directory in order to update from Drupal 6.31 to Drupal 6.33:

mv public_html drupal-6.31
tar -xvzf drupal-6.33.tar.gz
mv drupal-6.33 public_html
mv public_html/sites public_html/sites-default
cp -r drupal-6.31/sites public_html/
cp -r drupal-6.31/images public_html/
cp drupal-6.31/includes/image.imagemagick.inc public_html/includes

Pretty simple, ha? And I know you will agree that the risks of your site being compromised are too high, if you procrastinate any more. So, don't wait, update today!

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