In today's plumbing series tutorial I show you how to design and build an expandable zoned lawn sprinkler system.

An open sprinkler box containing the manifold with three zone valves. Orbit unions where used to attach a pre-built manifold to each of the three Irritrol 2400TF sprinkler zone valves and also to the supply pipe and temporarily to an elbow that attaches to a pressure gauge. I also added a ball valve to shut off water supply to the manifold and another to isolate the quick connect for the air compressor blowout connection.

Note the absence of a vacuum breaker - these are almost certain to cause problems in Colorado in the Spring and Fall, when temperatures drop from above 80F to below freezing, sometimes in a matter of hours. To prevent backflow, I'll be adding an RPZ device in the basement, instead.

Learn how to winterize (blow out) your new sprinkler system by watching my next video:

Also look for more information on this install, a complete parts list and some helpful hints on installing any home sprinkler system in other upcoming videos.

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