Moving Heads

Moving Sprinkler Heads

Tips and tricks to painlessly moving sprinkler heads for improved irrigation.

Faucet Filter

Faucet Filter Installation

Get great tasting purified water with an easy to install Pur faucet water filter.

Sprinkler Install

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Design and installation considerations for a zoned lawn sprinkler system.

Pitcher Filter

Pitcher Water Filter

Take a look inside a pitcher water filter to see how it works and what's inside it.

Winter Blow-out

Sprinkler System Blow-out

To properly winterize your lawn sprinkler system, blow it out in the fall.

Sediment Filter

Whole House Filter

Don't forget to regularly replace your whole house sediment water filter.

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A great idea paid me a visit last Thursday. Wouldn't it be nice to let my chickens visit with the goats, as they please, but prevent the goats from raiding the smaller chicken quarters, I thought?

Armed with a shovel and an old gate I started on my mission... Several hours later that old gate hang in place of a section of the fence high enough for chickens to go under it, but too low for the goats to get through, or so I thought.

Abraham enjoys a piece of leftover Passover Matzah behind the goat gate

More gardening is getting done, slowly but surely. Amazingly, I discovered that a single parsley survived the entire winter in a relatively well protected spot at the edge of the greenhouse adjacent garden. I can't wait to see what gardening miracles this year will bring.

I have now rototilled twice both the enlarged garden next to the Quonset and the smaller garden next to the greenhouse. Once was in late fall, after dumping some bird poop on them and now again in very early spring. Another tilling by mid May should make it good to go.

With all that snow on the ground yesterday morning, my thoughts temporarily shifted away from early Spring gardening. By tonight all of that snow had melted, but not before I snapped this picture of a giant yellow crocus peaking through it in my backyard.

With the snow out of the way and the ground workable, I rushed out to dig some holes in preparation for the bushes my brother-in-law hates, my sister likes and I don't mind. Weatherman willing, I'll be helping to dig them up, come Saturday.

Giant Yellow Crocuses

HiVelocity has been hosting my company's Linux server for a couple of years now. The switch was forced by our previous hosting company's, CalPop, rapid decline. Changes in ownership were followed by never-ending power and service outages, degrading level of customer service, long wait times, power surcharges and then rate increases.

HiVelocity logo

Stock Values has been upgraded to run on the latest version of Drupal 6.16.

The latest Stock Values tweets from Twitter.Com are now displayed at the top of the front page.

The following options have also been added:

1. Sign into Stock Values with Facebook credentials.
2. Invite your Facebook friends to Stock Values.
3. See your Facebook friends' activity on Stock Values.
4. Like/unlike and comment on Facebook friends' posts.
5. Update your Facebook status right from Stock Values.
6. Share your Stock Values blog and forum posts on Facebook.

Drupal logo

A feelgood story about Barbara Rona, a friend from our Temple in Los Angeles, who survived the Holocaust - online version is here.

Barbara Rona with Marilyn Russell

A month and a half has passed since my last blog entry. I have neglected you, my dear readers and I am truly sorry. To show my remorse, I will attempt to summarize some of the more noteworthy events, which have transpired since my last update. Fortunately (or not) more has happened than would be prudent to include in a single update, but I will do my best with it.

A dozen eggs

It has been more than three months since I wrote anything of substance on individual stocks or the general market. (The story about me spending $100 on Live World Productions penny stock doesn’t really count, does it?) No, I have not been sleeping; I have been following through on my plans for the year and am happy to report that as of a week ago, Friday, January 22nd, I have accomplished what I have set out to do just over a year ago. Allow me to elaborate...

Positions sold from my 2009 portfolio marked on top of the S&P 500 chart

After only 9 months at his new dream house in Aurora, Colorado, which he took much pains, time and money to set up just right, my cousin Jacob is moving again. What could possibly motivate a single father with three kids to move again so fast? You would never guess.

Colorado dream house for sale: 6 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom, energy-efficient, pet-frendly

Most mortgages issued in the US are due on the first of each month, are amortized monthly and carry a grace period of 14 days. Payments on these mortgages could be received by the mortgagee all the way through the 15th of the month, yet they must be credited, as if they were received on the first - no late fees charged and no additional interest accrued.

Pay off mortgage early

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