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  • I love the toad mating calls coming from a neighbors field, turned into a lake by the latest rains. Where will they go when waters recede? 17 weeks 4 days ago
  • Inside the world's smallest country - an 11-story building that's calling itself the People's Republic of Donetsk: 17 weeks 4 days ago
  • Gurlitt's Nazi looted Jewish art collection is to be restituted; the rest is going to Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland: 18 weeks 4 days ago
  • How to stop Drupal from crashing your Linux/Apache/MySQL server. 18 weeks 4 days ago
  • Sofae MAP tested at 1st grade level in English reading & above 1st grade in math & she is the best Russian reader in her kindergarten class. 18 weeks 5 days ago

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Here is my bullet point National Health Care Plan:

  • Mandate creation of a National Health Insurance plan provided through private sector insurance companies.
  • Cost of each National Health Care policy covering a US permanent legal resident paid by the Federal Government.
  • Convert all current government health care recipients (Medicare, Medicaid, Government Employee) to the new plan.
  • Set minimum standards, coverage and maximum cost for all plans qualified as National Health Insurance.
Doctored image of smoking president Obama dressed as an MD

I made another step towards self sufficiency yesterday by learning how to properly butcher a kosher chicken. Two Black Leghorn roosters gave their lives to the cause. They were the most misbehaving - plucking hens and always causing a ruckus. I still have 50 chickens (way too many) and a turkey (G-d willing, we will have her for Thanksgiving) left!

Black Leghorn Roosters

On a hot Sunday, July 19, we drove up to the mountains to cool down and meet up with Alex and his boys, who spent the weekend there. Sofae and her third cousin, Jason enjoyed an afternoon moment at a kids playground in Keystone.

Sofae and cousin Jason in Keystone

"The Feds are making the mortgage mess even worse" goes the title of a July 7th letter to the editor of Delaware Online by Linda A. Moffett, a Realtor from Newark. In it Linda charged the Feds with forcing mortgage lenders to deal "with such ridiculous government-imposed regulations that it is becoming more and more difficult to settle on time, if at all... Banks laid off the majority of their mortgage department staff and hired temps with little or no real estate knowledge to get through the overabundance of refinances and short sales."

Talor Bean & Whitaker logo

About four months ago a feral cat that befriended us when we first moved into the house gave birth to yet another litter. This one was the biggest one yet - nine kittens in all (see them in the first picture taken by my sister, on her visit Tuesday, June 16, 2009). I have no idea what happened to kittens from all her previous litters - they all just disappear after a while.

Feral kitten eating an adult cottontail rabbit

Shares of Cigna Corporation (CI)(and other health insurance companies) have been depressed for quite a while now, pressured first by Cuomo's investigation, then by general recessionary pressures, followed by overwhelming one time losses from a run down business and finally by the uncertain threat of a health care reform that can wipe out all private health insurers. However, Cigna shares have now more than tripled since their March low of $8.

Cigna logo

I am happy to report that after an almost six month hiatus, I have cherry picked a worthy stock to buy and that stock is... (drum roll, please...) Abbott Laboratories (ABT). My last stock buy was a late January of this year purchase of Pfizer, Inc. (PFE) I will begin with a few words about why I continue to like big pharma (I am also holding a position to Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - acquired late March 2007) and then go more specifically into Abbott Labs.

Abbott Laboratories logo

A Denver Grand Jury has handed down a 70‐count indictment against two men accused of running a Ponzi scheme to take in millions of dollars. The indictment is the result of an investigation conducted by the Colorado Division of Securities.

Michael Marshall (dob: 06‐28‐48) is charged with violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (F2), conspiracy to commit securities fraud (F4), conspiracy to commit theft (F4), four counts of theft (F3) and sixty‐three counts of securities fraud (F3).

Michael Marshall mug shot

It was after sunset last Friday night and I headed out to check on the progress of my tree watering. I don't normally take a flashlight along even though it gets rather dark; I can navigate my way around the yard by moonlight and check wetness using the finger test.

Catacomb entrance (underground brick lined water storage tank entrance)

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