With world's attention turned to unrest in the Arab countries and now the earthquakes in Japan, it is easy to see why last Friday's murder in the Samaria region of Israel went mostly unreported by the mainstream media in the US. A Jewish couple and their three kids - the youngest was only three months old, were murdered by a terrorist. A group affiliated with Abbas’ Fatah faction claimed responsibility. A good summary of what happened and links to the gruesome pictures released by surviving family members are here.

One question that begs to be asked is, "Why the Fogels?" The article referenced above doesn't mention this, but, apparently, they were not the terrorist's intended original targets - their neighbors the Chais (life) were. Lucky for them, they were away from home in Jerusalem. And, while they were out of town, Chais even opened up their home for hospitality to two other young Jewish families. Both canceled at the last minute.

All this is eerily reminiscent of the unintended consequences often portrayed in the popular Fox TV show, "Fringe" and other modern day Sci-Fi.

Palestinian terrorist butchers Jewish family in Samaria

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