In today's plumbing series tutorial we show you the procedure for blowing out your underground sprinkler system in preparation for winter is easy and straight forward. All you need is a good setup, a $100 compressor and less than an hour of your time for a typical system. Do It Yourself, save money and make sure that the job is done right. This video will get you started.

Please note that my system, unlike many these days, does not include a Pressure Vacuum Breaker outside. It was designed to use an RPZ valve in the basement/crawl space instead. You should never be blowing air through a backflow prevention device, such as a Pressure Vacuum Breaker or a Reduced Pressure Zone valve. (It is OK to blow out Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers (AVB), but they are not code in many jurisdictions.) Even if you don't damage your PVB/RPZ by blowing air through it, you will not get all the water out this way, anyway. If you have either of these types of devices outside, you should follow very specific directions for draining them, or better yet remove them for the winter and store inside!

For more detailed information, you may want to check out Colorado State University Extension fact sheet available free online. As always, I am not responsible for any damage that you may cause to yourself, others and/or property by following directions contained in this video.

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