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Kiev (Ukraine), Minneapolis, Hopkins, St. Louis Park (Minnesota), Sunnyvale, Los Angeles (California), Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Bennett (Colorado)
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Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Jake Berzon spent his teens in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with Bachelor degrees in Applied Math and Electrical Engineering / Computer Science. He continued his technical studies, received a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Math from University of Minnesota, and went on to complete all the requirements for a PhD in Control Systems, except the thesis. In addition to his extensive technical training, Jake has received formal business training at University of Colorado and San Francisco State University.

Jake spent 15 years in California before returning to Colorado and semi-retiring on a wheat farm just east of the Denver International Airport two years ago. His years in California were mostly spent in Silicon Valley working first in technical and then managerial roles for international: American, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and German companies. Jake authored patents, developed standards and contributed articles to industry publications. He also traveled extensively throughout the USA, Japan and Europe.

Jake eagerly participates in financial markets, having always been fascinated with the subject. His first major foray into the world of investment was a purchase of an apartment building almost 20 years ago, while he was still a graduate student in Minnesota. Since then he has dabbled in various investments, but has generally preferred the relative liquidity and predictability of the US stock markets. Recognizing new dominant global trends, he made his first investments in India in September of 2001, China in January 2005 and Brazil in March of 2006.


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